Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{April 8, 2013}   Death Night

The wolf howls
Soft snow muffled
Now running, running
Endless distance

No glances
Ever forward
Pushing, driving
Endless distance

Deepening gloam
Other side of life
Drawing, bringing
Endless distance


{September 7, 2011}   Wolf Life

The wolf sees your soul
He watches and waits
Don’t stumble or fall
For he is vicious but just

Do not pet him
Do not fear him
Stand your ground
Bow humbly low

Hold your tongue
He holds your heart
Hold your breath
He holds your life

{June 28, 2011}   Moonlight and Shadows

Dance the moonlight
Touch the wind
Feel the longing
Harbor the hymn

Wander into shadow
Crawl for the light
Pale glimpses and memory
Cold and sticky fear

Yellow eyes
Wisdom and savagery
Desperation wrought release
Tender claw and fang

Deep forest
Deeper dwelling
Haunted trees
Majestic Oaks

Beckoning, beckoning
Terror, pleasure, gone
Curious empty
Desirous rest

{December 24, 2010}   Refracted Soul

True blood
Full soul
Brilliant colors
Refracted and fractured

Strings sing
Voices croon
Open graveyard heart
Sardonic smiles

Wolfish manner
Howling destiny
Purest desire
Deadliest intent

et cetera