Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{September 1, 2015}   Painted Open Trees

Painted faces
Hidden aces
Token braces
Broken traces

Open thoughts
Spoken blots
Craven pots
Over trots

Once upon a time
There were trees of lime
Carving seeds of tart
Along a path apart


{July 25, 2014}   Burn Out

Fires burn in your violent eyes
Throw you down
And against the wall

Let go the brands and embers
Seek sanctuary
And recover

Sunlight warms, balanced breeze
Allow the tree’s embrace
The water’s song

{February 8, 2013}   Moss

Softest hues
Greys to greens
Hanging, clinging

Some for shading
Some for healing
Some for comfort

Deepest carpet
Rock paintings
Tree hangings

Color my dreams
Brush my cheek
Warm my night

{October 16, 2012}   Unquiet Peace

There was a disquiet in her deepest soul that no form of happiness could quench. Not melodies of string and flute, not written works of ancient renown, nor any other work or expression of beauty. Among the old and twisted oaks who took into themselves all but a shattering of the bright sun, who whispered and moaned to the harvest wind that rushed and danced upon the mountain side; among them she came close to peace, and yet they also stirred the unnamed longings to madness. It seemed to her the trees had voices and spoke about her of things not for the knowing in a language unable to be learned, to the deepest detriment of the earth and the emptiness of her soul.

{August 8, 2011}   Blood

Dark stains on white satin
Frames the blade, shaking and dripping
Dark stains on white satin
Slick cool warmed unnaturally

Spreading stains on white satin
Crowded mind so empty
Spreading stains on white satin
Sounds dimly muted

Wrapped in dark satin
Hair spread and snagged, grass and branch
Wrapped in dark satin
Wet and clinging, my death shroud

{June 28, 2011}   Moonlight and Shadows

Dance the moonlight
Touch the wind
Feel the longing
Harbor the hymn

Wander into shadow
Crawl for the light
Pale glimpses and memory
Cold and sticky fear

Yellow eyes
Wisdom and savagery
Desperation wrought release
Tender claw and fang

Deep forest
Deeper dwelling
Haunted trees
Majestic Oaks

Beckoning, beckoning
Terror, pleasure, gone
Curious empty
Desirous rest

{January 31, 2011}   Weep Beneath The Trees

Cold embrace
Rent my heart
Yearning, broken

Filter my tears
Open, never
Reason lost

Trip, scream
Empty, shattered

Death, so final
Earth, so heartless
Anguish, so wracking
Take not my love
Hindered from life

Options not given
Favors not granted

Run, run
Over, stumble
Bent, agony
Inner, hollow
Never again

Herald not the dawn
Offer not food or drink
Open the earth
Defend, only a memory

et cetera