Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{July 16, 2012}   Suppression

Suppression, pressure, and tension
Thoughts, wants, desires, needs
How long, till they’re gone?
How long, till I beg sobbing


{October 30, 2011}   Only The Lonely

Only the lonely
die each time
you cry

Only the lonely
fight each time
you lie

Only the lonely
dance each time
you laugh

{October 20, 2011}   Sunshine Tears

Sunshine overhead
Touching here
Touching there
Look up with me

Far away
Holding my hand
In a letter
In my ear

Is it sunshine
That brings your tears
Tell me please
Do they belong to me?

Your dreams amiss
My finger to tender lips
Rest your weary mind
I’m right here beside you

{October 12, 2011}   Upon The Rocks

There she was
upon the rocks
Dead she was
upon the rocks

Killed she was
upon the rocks
Dashed in anger
upon the rocks

There I found her
upon the rocks
Take me too
upon the rocks

Wading in
upon the rocks
Cradling her
upon the rocks

Tears fall
upon the rocks
My heart breaks
upon the rocks

{August 20, 2011}   Pain

Take this pain
Make it worse
Take the gain
Little lost souls

Bear me up
Unable to stand
Bear me away
Unable to cry

{August 16, 2011}   Helpless

Too many feelings
Can’t sort them
Can’t feel them

Overwhelming feelings
Take me out
Take me far

Too many tears
Wring rags
Brim bottles

Betrayals and loss
Bleed my heart
Bleed my soul

{July 6, 2011}   Give Me Peace


Strum, strum
Timing keep

Drip, patter
Blood, tears
Strum, strum

Life wanes
Emotions drain
Strum, strum

Sticky strings
Wet chords
Stirring strains

Sad smile

Where was hope?
Where was love?
Where was anyone who cared?

Close eyes, fold hands
Give to dust
Silent instrument

{March 20, 2011}   Laughter And Tears

So much laughter
So many tears
Surprises unexpected
Crying unbidden

Children delightful
Time too short
Moment forever
Cling and treasure

{January 31, 2011}   Weep Beneath The Trees

Cold embrace
Rent my heart
Yearning, broken

Filter my tears
Open, never
Reason lost

Trip, scream
Empty, shattered

Death, so final
Earth, so heartless
Anguish, so wracking
Take not my love
Hindered from life

Options not given
Favors not granted

Run, run
Over, stumble
Bent, agony
Inner, hollow
Never again

Herald not the dawn
Offer not food or drink
Open the earth
Defend, only a memory

et cetera