Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{November 28, 2011}   Thimble

She put her heart
In a thimble
He took and crushed it
Ever so nimble

She gave everything
And much more
He consumed it
And returned a bore

She gave her soul
With love and pleasure
He took from her a toll
With selfish ignorance


{August 20, 2011}   Pain

Take this pain
Make it worse
Take the gain
Little lost souls

Bear me up
Unable to stand
Bear me away
Unable to cry

{April 9, 2011}   Faith and Trust

An opening?
A trust?
A beginning?
A gift

Squander not
The fragile faith
The blooming heart
The precious soul

{January 24, 2011}   Let Fly

Written to the tune of “Brian Boru’s March” as performed by Loreena McKennitt.

Dance, step
Kick, spin
Smile, laugh
Let fly

Hear the instruments
Feel the music
See the joy
Let fly

Joyous, one two
Radiant, three four
Vibrant, five six
Let fly

Hair a whirl
Sweat drips
Muscles ache
Let fly

Dreams awaken
Soul revives
Energy thrives
Let fly

Passerby gaze
Blood tingle begins
Feet tap
Let fly

Happiness spreads
Paying the piper
Healing the hearts
Let fly

{January 22, 2011}   How Long, My Love
Here I stand, tall and unmoving
Back straight, heart broken
Tears unceasing, my eyes clouded
Stained and tattered, endless vigil
My raiments have turned to rags

My feet sink into the sand
Pulled constantly by the ocean
The wind whips and pummels
Hailstone rain and shattering waves
Lightning my only torch

How long, my love
Till sunrise in my soul
How long, my love
Till I am whole again in body and spirit
Till you can enfold me in your arms

How Long My Love

{December 24, 2010}   Refracted Soul

True blood
Full soul
Brilliant colors
Refracted and fractured

Strings sing
Voices croon
Open graveyard heart
Sardonic smiles

Wolfish manner
Howling destiny
Purest desire
Deadliest intent

{September 22, 2010}   Wild Friends

My kitty
So pretty
My puppy
So fluffy

Scamper and romp
Romp and scamper
Catch birds and squirrels
Catch crickets and mice

Snuggle and cuddle
Slobber and drool
Shed and claw
Purr and bark

Companion and friend
Child and pet
So dear to my heart
So part of my soul

et cetera