Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{February 5, 2013}   Interpreter

Wind howling lonely
is comfort
Rain weeping down
is peace

Branches creaking, reaching
to embrace
Crags dark, looming
to shelter

Sleep comes heavily
Thick moss, cloak
Dying fire
Crackling lullaby


{October 19, 2011}   Fire

Crackling warm
Burning bright
Colors, shadows
Heat delight

Wood devoured
Embers glowing
Time sand falling
Drifting, fading

Lulling, calming
Drawing, pulling
Fall to sleep
Drowsy, fuzzy, sleep

{September 1, 2011}   The Present

Running forward
Rolling back
Two steps
Three steps

Kindness to cruelty
Dreams to hope
Candle flames
Nightmares and pain

{May 10, 2011}   Please No

Do you know
How it feels
Blinding agony
Sickness waves

Drugged dreams
Disturbed sleep
Dark voices
Deepening days

{March 22, 2011}   Slumber


{March 18, 2011}   Nightmares To A New Day

Dreams, unrest
Toss, turn
Cry out
Gentle touch

Waken, confusion
Sunlight, daybreak
Recognition, calm
Love, new day

{March 5, 2011}   Sleepy

Fantastic day with friends
Ends with cool twilight
Slowly winds down
Sleep beckons
Soft bed

{January 11, 2011}   Sleep

Gentle shadows
Brushing leaves
Dusting wind
Touches of peace

Cradling oak
Thick leaves
Rough bark
Sweet smells

Nestle among the branches
Entwine beneath the vines
Moon wakens, dancing stars
Night creatures serenade and frighten

Drift, rest, slumber
Let your mind where body may not
The tree a ship, a tower, a fort, a tent
Child again, no matter your age

Dream of heroes, conquests, true love
Glorious battles, bitter wars
Nightmare of fearsome demons
Broken graves, deadly sins cradling

{December 22, 2010}   For The World Away

Sleeping late
Dreaming sound
Time away

Foreign lands
Mystical beasts
Magical beings

Fantastic forests
Trees ever green
Snow stillness

Sun wakes and sleeps
Moon and stars follow
Water spirits whisper

Wake sharply
Blur disorient
Empty longing

{November 15, 2010}   Sleepy

So tired
Always tired
No comprehension

Not enough sleep
Never enough sleep
Always falling asleep

Warm bed
Thick covers
Restless slumber

et cetera