Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{April 5, 2013}   Play

Certain melodies
Uncertain whispers
Strings and airs
Stomps and graces


{March 14, 2013}   Unbroken Jittered Mind

Swirling symbols
Running lines
Dancing black
On textured flat

Skip jump stomp
Up and up
Cry out scream sing
Spin in out

Light and dark
Shadows between and around
Color or absence
Round and round and round

Drop glide fly
Over higher
Reaching wider
Falling, falling

Take me
Carry me
Wind, cold delightful
Confidence bright

{September 25, 2011}   Kayaking

Me, my kayak, and paddle
Lazy water, chirping bugs
Singing birds and frogs
Thankfully absent alligators

{July 1, 2011}   My Guitar

and song
and practice

threads, strains
melody, rhythm

{June 28, 2011}   Moonlight and Shadows

Dance the moonlight
Touch the wind
Feel the longing
Harbor the hymn

Wander into shadow
Crawl for the light
Pale glimpses and memory
Cold and sticky fear

Yellow eyes
Wisdom and savagery
Desperation wrought release
Tender claw and fang

Deep forest
Deeper dwelling
Haunted trees
Majestic Oaks

Beckoning, beckoning
Terror, pleasure, gone
Curious empty
Desirous rest

Strum, strum
Timing keep

Drip, patter
Blood, tears
Strum, strum

Life wanes
Emotions drain
Strum, strum

Sticky strings
Wet chords
Stirring strains

Sad smile

Where was hope?
Where was love?
Where was anyone who cared?

Close eyes, fold hands
Give to dust
Silent instrument

{April 25, 2011}   Learn to Play


{January 24, 2011}   Let Fly

Written to the tune of “Brian Boru’s March” as performed by Loreena McKennitt.

Dance, step
Kick, spin
Smile, laugh
Let fly

Hear the instruments
Feel the music
See the joy
Let fly

Joyous, one two
Radiant, three four
Vibrant, five six
Let fly

Hair a whirl
Sweat drips
Muscles ache
Let fly

Dreams awaken
Soul revives
Energy thrives
Let fly

Passerby gaze
Blood tingle begins
Feet tap
Let fly

Happiness spreads
Paying the piper
Healing the hearts
Let fly

{December 24, 2010}   Refracted Soul

True blood
Full soul
Brilliant colors
Refracted and fractured

Strings sing
Voices croon
Open graveyard heart
Sardonic smiles

Wolfish manner
Howling destiny
Purest desire
Deadliest intent

et cetera