Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{July 30, 2013}   That Remain

Her purple eyes
Locked and gazing
Softest hair
Cut and jagged

Broken and joyful
Desolate and elated
I wept
I laughed

On she traveled
Where I would never go
On she spread happiness
Where I would never see

Her perfect form
In the brightening dawn
Crystallized, burst
Thousands of tiny lights

Her spirit
Her memory
Soul fragment to dwell
In those that remain


{July 22, 2013}   The Elven Maid

Tolkien, Nasmith, painting, illustration, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Hobbit, Middle-earthSunlight glowed
On the elven maid
Trees leaned in
Toward the elven maid

Flowers swayed and danced
With the elven maid
Sweetest birds
Listened to the elven maid

With abandon
Danced the elven maid
In longing melody
Sang the elven maid

In love collapsed
For the elven maid
In hope cried out
To the elven maid

Clasped in twilit meadow
Hand of the elven maid
Gained through eternity
Heart of the elven maid

{July 4, 2013}   Stray Not

Entwine me
Trance me
Your burning touch
Silken callous

Warm rushes
Twinkling canopy
Hold, moon
Stray not to dawn

{June 28, 2013}   With You

Hoping to forget
Wanting to drown
This pain
And moments past

Drain the night
Rush the day
End the emptiness
Hold me close

Be ever near
Be always warm
I begin and end
With you

{April 25, 2013}   At Night By The Sea

Take my hand
Hold me close
Warm to my cold
At night by the sea

Whisper to me
Above the waves
Of love and longing
At night by the sea

So soon?
You’ve but returned
To home, to me
At night by the sea

Please stay
I can not be
Cold and alone
At night by the sea

{April 11, 2013}   As I Lay Dreaming

Sea wind
Constant touch, sound
Temperate in the dotted sun
As I lay dreaming

Open slowly
Light and color
Motion and change
As I lay dreaming

White flecked water
Rippling and waving
Fast and blue
As I lay dreaming

Sun glowing grass
Dancing wild flowers
Wild, climbing vines
As I lay dreaming

Dark earth
Brown carpeted leaves
Towering, rough bark
As I lay dreaming

Warm love
Gentle hands
Peaceful acceptance
As I lay dreaming

{March 22, 2013}   This Moment

Swimming, thickly
Riding, heavily

Rubber band snap
Rain pressed face
Cold glass

Softest green
Deepest gray
Purest tears

{March 18, 2013}   Only You

You spin my head
You spoon my dreams
You carry my tears
You lift my smile
You amplify my laughter
You barricade my fears
You champion my justice
You are my friend
You are my love
You are my life

{February 27, 2013}   Beautiful

Ghost of a smile
In darkened shadows
White noise stillness

Whispered secrets
Watery slide
Wide bright eyes

Chained in freedom
Softest of shackles
Love’s holy torment

{February 17, 2013}   Comfort

Crystal green eyes
Sharp claws, yes
But soft, so soft
Purr so gentle
Love so steady
Comforting companion

et cetera