Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{April 7, 2016}   Yearning

Hopeful yearning
Broken, still reaching
Seeing unceasing
Empty drooling thoughts

Pushed and prompted
Doubt flaking
Desire gasping
Tight aching breath

Grow inside
Come back to me
Find the guarded path
Weeping wanting expression


{February 10, 2012}   Words of Life

Lips of an angel
Bitter, sweet, true
Words sent to pain
Long, hurt, deep

Sounds so sweet
Strong to weak
Find to lost
Dying to life

{October 4, 2011}   Another Broken Soul

Hopeless future rant
Desperate, slaved, and spent
Duped, dumped, dammed

Clustered, broken, tagged
Taken out to shot
Broken, broken, broken

Don’t make me
Don’t take me
Eliminate me

Fixated, understated
Undeniably respondent
Ripped through and through

{July 5, 2011}   Victim of the Blind Food


This cage
I thought I left
This box
I hoped to outgrow

{February 18, 2011}   Please, I’m Empty

Tired and spent
Empty and lost
What would I give
To be in your arms

Take me
Hold me
Never let me go
Never leave me alone

{February 1, 2011}   Take My Colors

Take my colors
    sir knight
For you will be
    my champion

Wear them proudly
    upon your helm
Bear them secretly
    tucked against you

Come for me soon
    my love, my lord
Another seeks to be
    my love, my lord

Do you love me still
    dearest heart
What bars your way
    to mine own side

The enemy will wait
    no longer
By force, to church
    I am taken

In sorrow do I
    warm his bed
In pain do I
    bear his children

Do my ladies see
    my unshed tears
Does the court know
    the beauty hidden misery

Wait! Stop not the boy
    tattered, mute, messenger
Deeply with tears he bows
    forehead to floor

Holding, offering, gently
    in shrunken arms
Reaching, clutching, pale
    in shaking arms

A rag to most
    hues all faded
My heart stops
    stained light and dark

Take my colors
    sir knight
For you will be
    my champion

{October 22, 2010}   Little Soul

Aftermath contusion
Little soul lost

So many tears
Jaded dry eyes
Little soul weep

Pining affection everlasting
Little soul hope

et cetera