Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{October 19, 2011}   Fire

Crackling warm
Burning bright
Colors, shadows
Heat delight

Wood devoured
Embers glowing
Time sand falling
Drifting, fading

Lulling, calming
Drawing, pulling
Fall to sleep
Drowsy, fuzzy, sleep


{January 30, 2011}   Me And Anti-Me

Slapped awake
Snapped alert
Shaken violently
Thrown to the ground

Who are you?
Why treat me so?
Pain so great
You will kill me soon

Turn and look
Blood blurred vision
No, no, no
It’s me

Two of me
Too many of me
Me and anti-me
Dear God, help me

One dark, one light
One dirty, one clean
One armed, one broken
Both hurting, both dying

{December 23, 2010}   Revel Eternal Blur

Motionless blur
Time spent
Dizzying stability

Suspended stillness
Glowing darkness
Dimming brightness
Expended concealment

Broach the breach
Ride the storm
Live the death
Revel the life

{December 20, 2010}   To Get There

Draw the carts
Set the wheels
Steady the animals
We travel tonight

Wrap for warmth
Secure for wind
Tether for visibility
We travel tonight

Count the watch
Arm the able
Center the weak
We travel tonight

Hope comes soon
When light breaks
Final end ever nearer
We travel tonight

{December 2, 2010}   Hinder

Woe to the light
Dare shine hinder the dark
Woe to the dark
Dare hinder the light

{October 17, 2010}   Starshine Inside

Darkness garbed
But not internal
Hair on fire
But not internal

Cloaked and collared
But not internal
Spikes and boots
But not internal

I frighten you
But I smiled at you
You think I’m evil
But its only clothes to me

{September 20, 2010}   My Dreams

Shattered dreams
So small
So deep

Bring back my hope
So bright
So true

Cling again
So tight
So strong

Some day soon
So close
So far

I’ll hold my dreams
So precious
So joyous

et cetera