Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{March 28, 2017}   Jaded

Jaded and faded
Outdated and traded
Dreamless and hopeless

No goals, no drive
My purpose is for others
The self is empty

Fight to abstain
From love and life
In vain, in vain

Curiosity stunted, interest wanes
What do I want?
Days pass, unconcerned


{February 18, 2017}   Ancient Memory

Alas, and herald the dawn
Who can say what this morn brings
Steadfast and true
The pillars that surround

Alas, and herald the night
Gloam takes the light
Then dies in the darkness
Fear not for the pillars are light

“Alas!” cries evil, “I cannot stand!”
Armed are the pillars, skillful and sure
Love and life are in their arms
While enemy death drips from their swords

{July 30, 2013}   That Remain

Her purple eyes
Locked and gazing
Softest hair
Cut and jagged

Broken and joyful
Desolate and elated
I wept
I laughed

On she traveled
Where I would never go
On she spread happiness
Where I would never see

Her perfect form
In the brightening dawn
Crystallized, burst
Thousands of tiny lights

Her spirit
Her memory
Soul fragment to dwell
In those that remain

{July 29, 2013}   That We Chose

Another day
Another drive
Tears in my eyes
Catch in my heart

The hours
The miles
The tired laughter
The silence

Tomorrow is reality
Daily existence we can’t avoid
Hopelessness for survival
That we chose

{June 4, 2013}   Blood To Blade Attraction

Virtual horror
Internal roamer
Breath held tight
Dread held fright

This bane
Is drained
In floods
Of blood

To the advisable
To the guide

Predators prey
Death congeals
Darkness gathers
And night is come

Tossed fitful
Groped fistful
Tangled mistful
Rest is wistful

Shining slivers
Through slatted shutters
Clawing at oblivion
Dragging to awareness

Wakeful misery?
Numb automation
Brief joys
Searching truth


No pattern
No rhythm
Response unexpected
Intensity surprising

Unthinking solitude
Burning time
Avoid cutting mine
Till wanted, dreaded, sleep

{April 25, 2013}   At Night By The Sea

Take my hand
Hold me close
Warm to my cold
At night by the sea

Whisper to me
Above the waves
Of love and longing
At night by the sea

So soon?
You’ve but returned
To home, to me
At night by the sea

Please stay
I can not be
Cold and alone
At night by the sea

{April 11, 2013}   As I Lay Dreaming

Sea wind
Constant touch, sound
Temperate in the dotted sun
As I lay dreaming

Open slowly
Light and color
Motion and change
As I lay dreaming

White flecked water
Rippling and waving
Fast and blue
As I lay dreaming

Sun glowing grass
Dancing wild flowers
Wild, climbing vines
As I lay dreaming

Dark earth
Brown carpeted leaves
Towering, rough bark
As I lay dreaming

Warm love
Gentle hands
Peaceful acceptance
As I lay dreaming

{April 8, 2013}   Death Night

The wolf howls
Soft snow muffled
Now running, running
Endless distance

No glances
Ever forward
Pushing, driving
Endless distance

Deepening gloam
Other side of life
Drawing, bringing
Endless distance

{April 1, 2013}   Spite

To try
To cry

To lie
To die

To fight

In night
The spite

{March 25, 2013}   The Jester’s Life

Maladjusted jester
Dances merrily
Unconcerned denial

Fruit cake
Flutes and strings
Jingling bells

King and god stands

et cetera