Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{July 25, 2014}   Burn Out

Fires burn in your violent eyes
Throw you down
And against the wall

Let go the brands and embers
Seek sanctuary
And recover

Sunlight warms, balanced breeze
Allow the tree’s embrace
The water’s song


{July 5, 2013}   Upon A Long Ago

Once upon a long ago,
We were told,
It must be so,
Wings, things, and goblin strings.

Beyond the glen,
Sounds change,
Sights blur,
Notes, rotes, and fairy boats.

Ring the king,
Bow the bow,
Trump the jester,
Falls, thralls, and diamond halls.

{July 4, 2013}   Stray Not

Entwine me
Trance me
Your burning touch
Silken callous

Warm rushes
Twinkling canopy
Hold, moon
Stray not to dawn

{April 11, 2013}   As I Lay Dreaming

Sea wind
Constant touch, sound
Temperate in the dotted sun
As I lay dreaming

Open slowly
Light and color
Motion and change
As I lay dreaming

White flecked water
Rippling and waving
Fast and blue
As I lay dreaming

Sun glowing grass
Dancing wild flowers
Wild, climbing vines
As I lay dreaming

Dark earth
Brown carpeted leaves
Towering, rough bark
As I lay dreaming

Warm love
Gentle hands
Peaceful acceptance
As I lay dreaming

{April 8, 2013}   Death Night

The wolf howls
Soft snow muffled
Now running, running
Endless distance

No glances
Ever forward
Pushing, driving
Endless distance

Deepening gloam
Other side of life
Drawing, bringing
Endless distance

{March 15, 2013}   Hooded Peace

The hooded man
In the shadows
At the edge of vision

Green Man or human
Deepest night
Brightest day

Step lightly
Disturb not
Neither harm

Be at peace
Take in
Rest beneath twined vines

{February 26, 2013}   Rain Storm

Brown underfoot crunches
Layers and layers
Fallen sticks and twigs

Mice scurry and burrow
Birds sing and peck
Snails travel

Wind stirs, grows
Constant sound
Soft brushes, to stinging

Day dims
Light and shadow
Become one

Heard before felt
Footsteps like marbles
Into droning chorus

{February 14, 2013}   Rainy Travel

This road
This path
This trail

Hidden sun
Gray drifting low
Windy and heavy

Looming promise
Foreboding rain
Chill and damp

Hood pulled low
Cloak wrapped close
One foot after the other

{February 9, 2013}   Sun

So close, so hot
Burning, aging
Wavering sight
Desert sands

So far, so pale
Barely lighting
Never warming
Frozen north

Hung middle sky
Dancing down
Thick waving trees
My favorite Sun

{February 8, 2013}   Moss

Softest hues
Greys to greens
Hanging, clinging

Some for shading
Some for healing
Some for comfort

Deepest carpet
Rock paintings
Tree hangings

Color my dreams
Brush my cheek
Warm my night

et cetera