Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{April 11, 2013}   As I Lay Dreaming

Sea wind
Constant touch, sound
Temperate in the dotted sun
As I lay dreaming

Open slowly
Light and color
Motion and change
As I lay dreaming

White flecked water
Rippling and waving
Fast and blue
As I lay dreaming

Sun glowing grass
Dancing wild flowers
Wild, climbing vines
As I lay dreaming

Dark earth
Brown carpeted leaves
Towering, rough bark
As I lay dreaming

Warm love
Gentle hands
Peaceful acceptance
As I lay dreaming


{September 8, 2011}   Happy Flowers

Little flower of healing
Glow into my heart
Cry delight
Dance before the sun

Dangerous neighbors
Beautiful world
Cry delight
Dance before the sun

{February 2, 2011}   Yumi Sakugawa

Adventure bound
Homeward ground
Empty and seeking
Full and wanting

Hope so little
Feed it patiently
Let it grow
Shelter it, cold

Keep looking
Keep opening
Little flower
Beautiful and true

Take heart
Take promise
So loved
So wanted

{December 29, 2010}   Why So Sad Little Flower?

Why so sad little flower?
The day is over
Its just another day
No, so very much more

Laughter, memories, love
Family, old friends, new friends
Smoldering enemies…
Warmth, happiness, uncertainty

Why so sad little flower?
What brings the tiny tears?
What makes you tremble?
Why do you turn so far inward?

Loneliness aching
A longing with no name
Soul crying
Empty tears

Why so sad little flower?
Life brings joy and pain
If only joy clung as deeply
As pain tends to linger

et cetera