Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{July 9, 2011}   Spent

Thoughts of heart, mind
Driven far
Feelings of body, soul
Driven far

A plea for time
A plea for peace
A plea for wisdom
A plea for trust


{April 9, 2011}   Faith and Trust

An opening?
A trust?
A beginning?
A gift

Squander not
The fragile faith
The blooming heart
The precious soul

{December 12, 2010}   The Dragon

Spirit, passion, freedom, strength, honor. Not even the dawn can match his power and grace. Atop the tallest peak, unattainable by mere mortals, he watches the world. His inner fury sparks flame with his very breath. Without effort his wings spread and capture the whisperless wind.

Justice lives while he patrols, and evil dies a terrible death. The lonely find hope and the pained find peace.

Settle, O restless soul. Settle and sleep. Come away from your pain and torment. Sink into the endless field of emptiness and fade into nothing. Though the abyss beckons, the Dragon stands watch over your soul. Rest in his shadow, and the warmth of his wing. Stand back as his powerful tail banishes your ever present demons.

Share your dreams, desires, longings, and fears. Watch him laugh. Watch him cry. Watch him sing and roar. See the glowing fire of his depth; burn in his passion. Revel in the beautiful pain, drowning out your own bitter agony.

Feel the wondrous thrill, the surge of brilliant emotions, as you soar the heavens on his back. Visit the stars and moon on their own fields as they stand silent witness to the vastness of the universe. Be at peace in the cradle of his strength. Let time pass on with no awareness.

Trust. Faith. Open your heart and soul, place your body in his claws. Close your eyes and drift away. Cry for the love and protection you crave. A deep understanding and acceptance that just doesn’t seem to exist elsewhere. Weep until you can no more, until there are no more tears to fall.

Pain drives, blood and water pour forth. Slash and plunge, wound and maim. Tear at the hurt, push away the stifling cage, seek the freedom with no name.

Stand on the brink of terror, frozen in panic. You don’t know when, you don’t know how. All you know is that you must give of yourself. One, small, bloody piece at a time. Hesitate, but the Dragon waits. Run, but he will find you. Surrender, and the world awaits.

The Dragon watches.

{September 25, 2010}   Change


Into Your hands O Lord, I commit my spirit

et cetera