Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{February 16, 2013}   Oh

Once upon a time
a dime
a line

Over on a hill
a pill
a thrill

Under the stars
the bars
the spars


{October 20, 2011}   Sunshine Tears

Sunshine overhead
Touching here
Touching there
Look up with me

Far away
Holding my hand
In a letter
In my ear

Is it sunshine
That brings your tears
Tell me please
Do they belong to me?

Your dreams amiss
My finger to tender lips
Rest your weary mind
I’m right here beside you

{October 16, 2011}   Wistful Wanderings

Fantasies dreamt of
Almost hoped for
Understood impossible

Day dreams, night dreams
Mind wanderings
Soul hopes

Try to show, explain
To paint, draw, or write
Blurred always, trapped inside

Dream alone, dread alone
Wish alone, forget alone
Tomorrow is another routine

{October 15, 2011}   Lost Dreams Written

Dreams from the past
Brought to the present
Projected against the future
Held but not hoped for

Survival and solitude
Contentment and loneliness
Outstretched mind
Withdrawn heart

Daily labor
Second nature
Warm routine
Consistent resistance

Untrue review
Harken and darken
Believe and release
Hold and ride the now

{September 22, 2011}   Glimpses Through

Visions glimpsed
Windows and portals
Cracks and doors

Moments witnessed
Beautiful and frightening
Intimate and cold

These are my stories
This is my writing
Here is my song

Untold tales
Distant worlds
You and me in dreams

{September 21, 2011}   Once Upon A Long Ago

We were told
Of rain and rainbows
Of butterflies and clovers
Of friendship and love

Run, run, tumble
Laugh in the flowers
Drink from the stream
Warm in the sun

{September 2, 2011}   “Tread Softly”

Dreams are
like dust
on a butterfly

but insignificant
to others

I, poor
in my dreams

Tread softly
look tenderly
my dreams

{August 28, 2011}   New Lines

New lines
New paths
Different walks

Other words
Other worlds
Different lives

Old dreams
Old hopes
Different futures

{August 22, 2011}   Pill Popping Pain

A window
A wish
Stabbing pain
Blinding dreams

{July 15, 2011}   Dreams Can Be Real

Tomorrow is the day!
Dreams come true
Soul-bound friends
Living our hopes

et cetera