Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{July 5, 2013}   Upon A Long Ago

Once upon a long ago,
We were told,
It must be so,
Wings, things, and goblin strings.

Beyond the glen,
Sounds change,
Sights blur,
Notes, rotes, and fairy boats.

Ring the king,
Bow the bow,
Trump the jester,
Falls, thralls, and diamond halls.


{September 7, 2011}   Wolf Life

The wolf sees your soul
He watches and waits
Don’t stumble or fall
For he is vicious but just

Do not pet him
Do not fear him
Stand your ground
Bow humbly low

Hold your tongue
He holds your heart
Hold your breath
He holds your life

{September 1, 2011}   The Present

Running forward
Rolling back
Two steps
Three steps

Kindness to cruelty
Dreams to hope
Candle flames
Nightmares and pain

{January 24, 2011}   Let Fly

Written to the tune of “Brian Boru’s March” as performed by Loreena McKennitt.

Dance, step
Kick, spin
Smile, laugh
Let fly

Hear the instruments
Feel the music
See the joy
Let fly

Joyous, one two
Radiant, three four
Vibrant, five six
Let fly

Hair a whirl
Sweat drips
Muscles ache
Let fly

Dreams awaken
Soul revives
Energy thrives
Let fly

Passerby gaze
Blood tingle begins
Feet tap
Let fly

Happiness spreads
Paying the piper
Healing the hearts
Let fly

{January 13, 2011}   Beneath Oak Branches

Thickly carpeted
Leaves over dirt
Brand new world
Beneath oak branches

Limbs reaching up
The sun to touch
Reaching up to grasp
Beneath oak branches

Sharp bark beneath fingers
Toe hold on gnarled knot
Heave and pull
Beneath oak branches

Climbing, climbing
Every branch, every leaf
A castle, a friend
Beneath oak branches

Crossed, a hollow
Like beckoning arms
Swaying, waiting
Beneath oak branches

Step down, settle in
Swinging, dangling feet
Back curled, head resting
Beneath oak branches

Hair for a pillow
Rough bark against skin, clothes
Smell of green, oak, wood, life
Beneath oak branches

Here, let me stay and rest
Safety, peace, my hideaway
With an emerald dragon to watch and guard
Beneath oak branches

{November 1, 2010}   I Fight

I determine
I desire
I will

Complete this objective
Achieve this goal
Fulfill this dream

Deny the mockers
Take down the obstacles
Fight for the passion

et cetera