Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{December 31, 2010}   What Can I Do, What Can I Say

Why do my emotions run so deep
Why do I always feel your pain
Why does the hurt in your eyes
Echo so loudly in my soul

Why are we so far apart
What happened so long ago
When you changed so much
And closed yourself off

You have your own companion now
I have joy for you
Happiness because you are
Contentment, he is good to you

But it hurts sometimes
To see your pleasure
Things you scorned in me
Intense, scarred, pain

You say you never snap
You deny that you ignore
That my perceptions are solitary
What can I say

What can I do but love you
What can I do but tolerate
The things only I seem to see
Am I really so paranoid

I’ll stand by you regardless
Bloody, battered, bruised
I’ll protect you, life and limb
I’ll carry your heart and soul


et cetera