Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{October 22, 2011}   Frustrations!

Internet, O internet
Why do I depend on you so?
Why does modern life
Demand you exist?

Leave me alone
Or be permanent aspect
Tour the world
Grow fat in a chair

Leave me alone!
I cry in desperation
Leave me alone
And carry me close


{August 30, 2011}   Without You

Beautiful evening
Friends, movie, dinner
Raw fish delicacy

Deep blue sea
Bright city lights
Muted forest sunlight

Where is home
True home of peace and safety
Without you?

{December 28, 2010}   For The Wolves And Rain

Longings of a wilderness heart
Locked inside a city bred body
Tiny clusters of overgrown yard
All the forest and woods ever known

Dreams and fantasies
Hunting, growing, surviving
Hand making much
Solitary guest in the home of the wild

Always pining, never knowing
Capacity uncertain
Would steel, convenience, and population call
Would trees, animals, and wind content

et cetera