Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{September 1, 2015}   Painted Open Trees

Painted faces
Hidden aces
Token braces
Broken traces

Open thoughts
Spoken blots
Craven pots
Over trots

Once upon a time
There were trees of lime
Carving seeds of tart
Along a path apart


{July 1, 2013}   No Trusts

Move on
Grow up
They said

She pleaded

Violated by the world
Punished by her
The smiling face is bleeding

Glazed, absent staring
Focused, untouchable rocking
Protection, not stupid

Waiting, too frightened to reach
Watching, for those who would push through
Wondering, if ever to trust

{May 28, 2013}   When Pain Brings Peace

Stumble, stutter
Stagger, drop
Clutching chest
Breathe, no air

Cold, wet
Jagged rain
Fist full mud
Barbed rocks

Bladed hail
Puddles splash red
Blow after blow
Shattered soul and bone

What is the delay
Explain the purpose!
Twisted place
When pain brings peace

{August 15, 2012}   Little Flower

Broken, lonely
Confused, only
Used, abused, refused

Don’t touch her
Don’t claim her
Stop your poison’s vile spread

Wait in state
Grow your own
Let the little flower be

{January 22, 2011}   How Long, My Love
Here I stand, tall and unmoving
Back straight, heart broken
Tears unceasing, my eyes clouded
Stained and tattered, endless vigil
My raiments have turned to rags

My feet sink into the sand
Pulled constantly by the ocean
The wind whips and pummels
Hailstone rain and shattering waves
Lightning my only torch

How long, my love
Till sunrise in my soul
How long, my love
Till I am whole again in body and spirit
Till you can enfold me in your arms

How Long My Love

{October 10, 2010}   Tears

Take my heart
Like you once did
Whisper softly
Touch it gently

{September 20, 2010}   My Dreams

Shattered dreams
So small
So deep

Bring back my hope
So bright
So true

Cling again
So tight
So strong

Some day soon
So close
So far

I’ll hold my dreams
So precious
So joyous

et cetera