Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{June 4, 2013}   Blood To Blade Attraction

Virtual horror
Internal roamer
Breath held tight
Dread held fright

This bane
Is drained
In floods
Of blood

To the advisable
To the guide

Predators prey
Death congeals
Darkness gathers
And night is come

Tossed fitful
Groped fistful
Tangled mistful
Rest is wistful

Shining slivers
Through slatted shutters
Clawing at oblivion
Dragging to awareness

Wakeful misery?
Numb automation
Brief joys
Searching truth


No pattern
No rhythm
Response unexpected
Intensity surprising

Unthinking solitude
Burning time
Avoid cutting mine
Till wanted, dreaded, sleep


{May 28, 2013}   When Pain Brings Peace

Stumble, stutter
Stagger, drop
Clutching chest
Breathe, no air

Cold, wet
Jagged rain
Fist full mud
Barbed rocks

Bladed hail
Puddles splash red
Blow after blow
Shattered soul and bone

What is the delay
Explain the purpose!
Twisted place
When pain brings peace

{August 8, 2011}   Blood

Dark stains on white satin
Frames the blade, shaking and dripping
Dark stains on white satin
Slick cool warmed unnaturally

Spreading stains on white satin
Crowded mind so empty
Spreading stains on white satin
Sounds dimly muted

Wrapped in dark satin
Hair spread and snagged, grass and branch
Wrapped in dark satin
Wet and clinging, my death shroud

Strum, strum
Timing keep

Drip, patter
Blood, tears
Strum, strum

Life wanes
Emotions drain
Strum, strum

Sticky strings
Wet chords
Stirring strains

Sad smile

Where was hope?
Where was love?
Where was anyone who cared?

Close eyes, fold hands
Give to dust
Silent instrument

{April 21, 2011}   Have A Flower

Roses are blood
Violets are death
Brooding and violent
Flowers of hatred

{December 24, 2010}   Refracted Soul

True blood
Full soul
Brilliant colors
Refracted and fractured

Strings sing
Voices croon
Open graveyard heart
Sardonic smiles

Wolfish manner
Howling destiny
Purest desire
Deadliest intent

{October 18, 2010}   Dark Red Gorge

Let darkness reign
Let sun light die
Daggers in
Daggers out

Red river run
Bloody bed burn
Shredded sheets spurn
Guile-less guilt gorge

et cetera