Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{February 26, 2013}   Rain Storm

Brown underfoot crunches
Layers and layers
Fallen sticks and twigs

Mice scurry and burrow
Birds sing and peck
Snails travel

Wind stirs, grows
Constant sound
Soft brushes, to stinging

Day dims
Light and shadow
Become one

Heard before felt
Footsteps like marbles
Into droning chorus


{January 12, 2011}   Journeying The Wild Inside

Walking, journeying
Destination unknown
The wild my only companions
My own thoughts, driving madness

Dawn breaks, night falls
Time passes on without awareness
Nothing to mark its passage
No permanence

Rain comes
Sometimes shelter
Sometimes walking
Lightening to show my way

Warm days pushed aside for white
Cold nights stumble on to unbearable
Desperate fire, tying my life
Enveloping cave, protecting firm

Waiting, thinking, writing
It is the season of contemplation
No life moves, all is stillness
So long, so much, so little

Restlessness cured
Frozen earth births green
Creatures sing joyously
Why does not my heart join

Nights now spent
My favorite place
Tree cradled, high above
Winking stars, peering among leaves

Walking, journeying
Destination unknown
The wild my only companions
My own thoughts, driving madness

{December 28, 2010}   For The Wolves And Rain

Longings of a wilderness heart
Locked inside a city bred body
Tiny clusters of overgrown yard
All the forest and woods ever known

Dreams and fantasies
Hunting, growing, surviving
Hand making much
Solitary guest in the home of the wild

Always pining, never knowing
Capacity uncertain
Would steel, convenience, and population call
Would trees, animals, and wind content

{November 20, 2010}   Sunset

Twilight pierces
Bright blue sky
Clouds lace
Fading rays dance

Some crawl to bed
Some slip to shadows
Air cools and whispers
Water rests lightly around

Color change brightly
Vivid artistry, striking colors
Soft wild calls
Listen, and peace

{September 22, 2010}   Wild Friends

My kitty
So pretty
My puppy
So fluffy

Scamper and romp
Romp and scamper
Catch birds and squirrels
Catch crickets and mice

Snuggle and cuddle
Slobber and drool
Shed and claw
Purr and bark

Companion and friend
Child and pet
So dear to my heart
So part of my soul

et cetera