Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{September 30, 2013}   Deathless Waking

Camp is dark
Barely stirring
Sun yawns
And so do I

Pack refilled
Saddle fastened
Wet with dew
And so am I

Another day
Untold miles
Winter settles
But I cannot

Broken families
Corrupt laws
Their agony died
But mine does not


{September 26, 2013}   Blunted, Shunted

Jaguar of time
Flower of death
Thorns of joy
Teeth of life

Dance of death
Creep of life
Roll of solitude
Stumble of companionship

Forgotten tomorrow
Bloody yesterday
Screaming today
Dying, crying present

Having is not so pleasing
As the wanting craving needing
Only a cork
To stop the illusions

Reach beyond the mirror
Permit the cracked
Fail beyond vulnerability
Collapse, too much, to heavy

Sparkle dropping dew
Glow silver lining
Warm the ice me
Make the home I’ll never know

{September 25, 2013}   Unreachable Beyond

Harsh, sharp, loud
Edges of reality
Over saturated colors
Inside this prison

Gentle, soft, low
Forbidden escape
Glowing twilight
Through the crusted portal

I bang
I punch
I kick
I plead

No pass, no key
Peace passes by
And my tears add rust
To the unyielding portal

{September 23, 2013}   Within

Haunted by your eyes
Daunted by your cries
I reach
But only mist

Pondering wandering
Dutifully bloodied
Only emptiness controls
Emotions of the child within

{September 16, 2013}   Dark Lit Past

Death belongs to light
The sun casts darkness
Moonlight shows true

Let skeletons lie
Break the moaning bones
Leave the whistling marrow

Present demons
Make ghostly pasts
And haunt, and haunt, and haunt

{September 11, 2013}   Pull Out

Among the roses
Death in the lilies
Darkness in the rushes
Hell at the surface of the end

Let go!
Let live!
The misery cannot
Feed your emptiness

{September 4, 2013}   Numb Constriction and Puncture

Colors swirling
Strands constricting

Visions blurring
Cold numbing

Flowers gazing
Steel puncturing

{September 3, 2013}   Shattered Visage

Strung out
Spread thin

Satin fog
Smokey glass
Shattered visage

Open arms
Hurting heart
A child’s soul
Never grown

et cetera