Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{August 24, 2013}   I Give Up

Broken by doubt
Truths not seen
Deliberate blinding
Eyes spilling

Desperate HATRED
Burning HOPE
Broken, broken soul

Never level
Never twined
Shoot me
I’ll beg the bullet


{August 23, 2013}   Afar

Lonely only
Crating waiting
Daunting wanting
Crying tying
Lying dying
You do
Absent descent

{August 14, 2013}   Spun

Watcher wakes
Dawn breaks
Night flakes
Cold takes

Open the door
Brace the floor
Trace the shore
Cradle the bore

{August 11, 2013}   Dark Corners

Spinning circles
Drowning rats
Shouting spectres
Twisted ropes

Open caverns
Broken loops
Retching graves
Floating corpse

{August 6, 2013}   Shine… Until Tomorrow

In the dark
Hold on
Until tomorrow

In the misery
Reach forward
Until tomorrow

Blind with tears
Battered and broken
Until tomorrow

In the midnight
Of the depths
Until tomorrow

With the dawn
The new day
Until tomorrow

Blank canvas
Given you
Until tomorrow

Flickering or bright
Weak or strong
Until tomorrow

{August 5, 2013}   So Much For

So much for something
Supposedly normal
So much for anything
Who cares anyway

Break and take
The broken cake
Wanted wake
Choking lake

{August 2, 2013}   Diamond of Delight

To touch the tear
Diamond of delight
Smile gift
Twinkling eyes

et cetera