Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{July 30, 2013}   That Remain

Her purple eyes
Locked and gazing
Softest hair
Cut and jagged

Broken and joyful
Desolate and elated
I wept
I laughed

On she traveled
Where I would never go
On she spread happiness
Where I would never see

Her perfect form
In the brightening dawn
Crystallized, burst
Thousands of tiny lights

Her spirit
Her memory
Soul fragment to dwell
In those that remain


{July 29, 2013}   That We Chose

Another day
Another drive
Tears in my eyes
Catch in my heart

The hours
The miles
The tired laughter
The silence

Tomorrow is reality
Daily existence we can’t avoid
Hopelessness for survival
That we chose

{July 28, 2013}   In This Fair City

Tall, tall buildings
In this fair city
Lush hotel
In this fair city

So many sites
In this fair city
Such history
In this fair city

Special celebration
In this fair city
Like minded people
In this fair city

Costumes and trinkets
In this fair city
Celebrities and dreamers
In this fair city

Kind, kind strangers
In this fair city
Dreams fulfilled
In this fair city

You did not have to
In this fair city
Touch my heart
In this fair city

Thanks and well wishes
To this fair city
Until next time
To this fair city

{July 26, 2013}   Road Trip

Lasting longing
Fun conversation
Laughter tears
Splitting sides
Late nights
Drowsy day
Destination goal

{July 24, 2013}   Drunken Bird

The drunken bird
Falls from the sky
From high to low
Bubbles does he blow

With a twig crutch
Seed lunch clutched
He staggers home
To an empty bone

Beaming, un-preened
Intoxicating streams
Empty brains
A binding chain

{July 22, 2013}   The Elven Maid

Tolkien, Nasmith, painting, illustration, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Hobbit, Middle-earthSunlight glowed
On the elven maid
Trees leaned in
Toward the elven maid

Flowers swayed and danced
With the elven maid
Sweetest birds
Listened to the elven maid

With abandon
Danced the elven maid
In longing melody
Sang the elven maid

In love collapsed
For the elven maid
In hope cried out
To the elven maid

Clasped in twilit meadow
Hand of the elven maid
Gained through eternity
Heart of the elven maid

{July 15, 2013}   Cellar Smile Lies

Open the cellar
Close the door
Shutter the windows

Burn the outside
Bury the self
Masked in layers

Music vibes
Writing tries
False smile lies

{July 10, 2013}   Tell The Tale

Pages and documents
Covers and bindings
Crisp white and fragile yellow
Scent different, each one

Would that I
Plead that I
Cry that I
Try, I try

Broken stories
Fragmented tales
Glimpses, whispers
Only in darkness

{July 8, 2013}   Of Dolphins And Bats

Daylight descends
Feeble squeaks flutter
Drunken flight home
All their night awake

Titans of the water
Watching rippled surface
Grouping, forming, launching
Ready for twilight

And thus, turn away
Dolphins launch
Devouring late bats
Homeward from the clubs

{July 6, 2013}   D.R.A.B.





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