Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{May 28, 2013}   Guardian Bond


She opened the small wooden box, just large enough for the metal amulet inside. She drew in a sharp breath and her hands trembled slightly. It was a dragon. Its long neck outstretched and head thrown back and jaws gaping in a fiery roar. Its wings unfurled in flight, an unseen wind filling the shimmering membranes. Its powerful limbs climbing the sky and tail curled upwards as it rose to untamed heights. Its posture radiating such command and delight! It was green, but not a true green. The color rippled and changed across its body in a color that could not exist, yet it glowed before her. Its scales were perfect and impenetrable, the spikes along its back deadly and beautiful.

It was strung on an intricately woven leather cord, blacker than night, metal clasps at the ends. Short, it would wear close to her throat. It was unnaturally warm upon her hand when she took it from the box, and after a moment she could feel that it pulsed. Eyes wide, she looked to her master where he still sat behind his desk. This was no casual amulet, this was a living being! A Guardian.

He stood, came around his desk, reverently taking the amulet from her. “You are the best of us,” he stated softly. He moved behind her, clasping it about her neck. Stepping back in front of her he took her hands. Wet pathed down his face. “Learn from him. Learn of him. Open yourself, all of you. Your heart, your memories, your hopes, your hatreds, everything. When you have bonded, he will birth in truth and you will stand together.”

With the warmth pulsing against her trickled understanding of the words he was not saying. Words his tears, his hands, and his love conveyed in great pain, fear, and hope. This was the end of her present life and the start of her next. Wrapping a hand around the pendant she clutched tightly, letting his wing claw and line of spikes prick her. She bowed to her former master, and fled.


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