Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{April 30, 2013}   Like A Child

Clutched like a child
Articles cold and remote
Something tied to reality
Anything to remember

Feared like a child
Moments surrounding now
Past dwells, future looms
Anything to escape

Broken like a child
But there are no tears
There is no expression
Anything to survive


{April 29, 2013}   Please Accept

Please accept
Whispered apologies
On the wind of night
Where death has no face
And life is a knife

Please accept
Whispered apologies
On the pulse of heart
Where death is dark
And life is red

Please accept
Whispered apologies
On the crystal tear
Where death reflects
And life dies

{April 28, 2013}   Turn




Red, in this wasteland
Soul blood
Spread like death’s rainbow

{April 26, 2013}   No More Room

Tremors and trembling
Precipice and edge
Everything dust
No stability

Candle flame
Hungering, consuming
Touch and hold
Envelope the pain

Captured and trapped
Pressed tighter
Pushed deeper
Almost gone now

A raw place
To geyser blood
Under even gentlest touch
No more room, none

{April 25, 2013}   At Night By The Sea

Take my hand
Hold me close
Warm to my cold
At night by the sea

Whisper to me
Above the waves
Of love and longing
At night by the sea

So soon?
You’ve but returned
To home, to me
At night by the sea

Please stay
I can not be
Cold and alone
At night by the sea

{April 24, 2013}   Sound to the Soundless

Screams screaming
Light fractured,
As through water
Fast, too fast

Screams screaming
Sounds muffled,
As through pillow
Loud, too loud

Pushing, fighting
Out, away, NO!
Broken motion
Glass shatters

Blood sprinkles
Red crystal
Color to the stark
Sound to the soundless

Up, up, arms open
hair spread
Straining up
Let fly this fountain

{April 23, 2013}   Nights Dreaded

Darkness comes
Like poison
Like smother
Like sticky heat

Darkness closes
Eyes peer
Whispers surround
Violent silence

Normalcy grows fangs
Softest bed,
Welcomes like death
Cool sheets twist

Sleep as an imp
Here and there
Consciousness in and out
Too something, not enough

No peace, no rest
Lost, drifting
Pale dream fragments
Night is hell

{April 22, 2013}   Over With


{April 21, 2013}   Unwanted Life

So much misery
Pain after pain
Deaths guard life
Sick circle

Unto death
Honor, family
Broken trusts
Out, seeking out

Loss, loss, loss
Tried so hard
So many dead
Please, peace

{April 17, 2013}   Push Away

Not enough tears
Racking sobs
Not enough pain

Can’t hurt for you
Can’t cry for you
Can’t take it from you

Curse empathy
Curse the hurt I feel
When I look and listen

et cetera