Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{March 31, 2013}   Wanted



{March 30, 2013}   Ballad Of

Fires fly
Serenity bound
Hopes held
Against everything

{March 29, 2013}   Three Edged Sword

Hopes of a thousand years
Death of moments
Births and re-births
Blades and diplomacy

Sleeping enemies
Waking allies
Certain friends
Creeping destruction

Lies, truth, ambiguity
Petty, lofty, heart felt
Tears, jeers, fears
Laughter, joy, delight.

Life in death
Passion held beliefs
Vied, died, for justice and truth
Tried, tried, for peace

{March 28, 2013}   Enigma Scented

Peel the enigma
Rose scented
Acid burn

Soap in the throat
Sharp scented
Arrogance and lyes

Shredded moss
Wild scented
Feral fears


{March 27, 2013}   Unknown Uncertainty

Stuck, suspended
Hung in the stillness
Body and mind

Locked for the trying
The door might flood open
If I could but give up

How to reach
Without reaching
Elusive passion

{March 26, 2013}   To Write

This written word
This sacred treasure
Rolled, scrolled, stained
Visions of eternity

Time then, now, coming
Time forgotten
Time wept over and died for
Time without time

This immortality
Hopes, ideas, rages
Perpetuity of thought
Endless pouring of words

{March 25, 2013}   The Jester’s Life

Maladjusted jester
Dances merrily
Unconcerned denial

Fruit cake
Flutes and strings
Jingling bells

King and god stands

{March 24, 2013}   Overlord

Bow to thee
Deny the free
Use the pain
Encompass the gain

Halt expanse
Forbid advance
Weaken faith
Strengthen base

Overlord by right
Rule by site
Drinks their tears
Eats their fears

{March 23, 2013}   Flood And Over Noise

Floating, hoping
Streaming, wondering
Glimpses pass
Days spin

Reaching, twisting
Faster, straighter
No stopping
No time

Slow this flood
Crystallizing force
Gasping for air
Silence in over noise

{March 22, 2013}   This Moment

Swimming, thickly
Riding, heavily

Rubber band snap
Rain pressed face
Cold glass

Softest green
Deepest gray
Purest tears

et cetera