Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{October 12, 2011}   Upon The Rocks

There she was
upon the rocks
Dead she was
upon the rocks

Killed she was
upon the rocks
Dashed in anger
upon the rocks

There I found her
upon the rocks
Take me too
upon the rocks

Wading in
upon the rocks
Cradling her
upon the rocks

Tears fall
upon the rocks
My heart breaks
upon the rocks


Hi, Star.

I’m not sure if this is an established form. The inconsistent metre would suggest that is isn’t. I like it, though.

I love how the first two stanzas – four couplets, eight lines – are essentially repetition. It feel like the moment of shock, the double-takes the self-convincing that would take place upon discovering a dead body.

I also really like the stark juxtaposition between harsh and sentimental emotion weaved throughout.

As for learning traditional forms, if you hear the name of a particular verse, a simple google search offers a wealth of information and wikipedia is surprisingly good for poetic forms.

I am currently presenting a series of poetic forms, one a week, at this link:

It’s a good place to learn about form aesthetically as well as the history and development of forms and to join in discussion about the forms and try your own for constructive critiquing. Hope to see you drop by.


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