Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{October 30, 2011}   Only The Lonely

Only the lonely
die each time
you cry

Only the lonely
fight each time
you lie

Only the lonely
dance each time
you laugh


{October 28, 2011}   Punch, Dance

Don’t look
Don’t touch
Don’t kiss
Don’t want

Hold fear
Hold joy
Hold employ
Hold gain

Clutch the tiny
essence of you
Burst like fireflies
heartbreak and tears

{October 26, 2011}   Painache


{October 22, 2011}   Frustrations!

Internet, O internet
Why do I depend on you so?
Why does modern life
Demand you exist?

Leave me alone
Or be permanent aspect
Tour the world
Grow fat in a chair

Leave me alone!
I cry in desperation
Leave me alone
And carry me close

{October 20, 2011}   Sunshine Tears

Sunshine overhead
Touching here
Touching there
Look up with me

Far away
Holding my hand
In a letter
In my ear

Is it sunshine
That brings your tears
Tell me please
Do they belong to me?

Your dreams amiss
My finger to tender lips
Rest your weary mind
I’m right here beside you

{October 19, 2011}   Fire

Crackling warm
Burning bright
Colors, shadows
Heat delight

Wood devoured
Embers glowing
Time sand falling
Drifting, fading

Lulling, calming
Drawing, pulling
Fall to sleep
Drowsy, fuzzy, sleep

{October 17, 2011}   Broken Trusts; Screw You

Love and hatred
Broken trusts
Lies and deceits
Dirty filtered sight

So blind
You don’t even know
Come out and leave
Your hateful world

So many years
Uncounted pain
Who would know
Who would see

Is there healing?
Would you ever bother?
Are you even capable?
Do you even give a ????

How to respect
How to honor
In the sight of God
How to live with this and you

{October 16, 2011}   Wistful Wanderings

Fantasies dreamt of
Almost hoped for
Understood impossible

Day dreams, night dreams
Mind wanderings
Soul hopes

Try to show, explain
To paint, draw, or write
Blurred always, trapped inside

Dream alone, dread alone
Wish alone, forget alone
Tomorrow is another routine

{October 15, 2011}   Lost Dreams Written

Dreams from the past
Brought to the present
Projected against the future
Held but not hoped for

Survival and solitude
Contentment and loneliness
Outstretched mind
Withdrawn heart

Daily labor
Second nature
Warm routine
Consistent resistance

Untrue review
Harken and darken
Believe and release
Hold and ride the now

{October 12, 2011}   Upon The Rocks

There she was
upon the rocks
Dead she was
upon the rocks

Killed she was
upon the rocks
Dashed in anger
upon the rocks

There I found her
upon the rocks
Take me too
upon the rocks

Wading in
upon the rocks
Cradling her
upon the rocks

Tears fall
upon the rocks
My heart breaks
upon the rocks

et cetera