Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{September 11, 2011}   9.11 (orig. written Sep. 2001)

We awoke that morning to a bright Tuesday.
It was work as usual and the hours passed without a glance.
In an instant, all that changed.
In an instant, every moment that passed, could have been our last.

The streets are filled with screams and tears.
Where are the mothers? Where are the fathers?
Where are the daughters, sons, and best friends?
Are they dead? Are they living?

Someone’s father rushes in to rescue someone elses mother
and another life is lost.
The number of victims are staggering.
How many more must die before this is over?

Through this horror, the nation is united in grief.
We pray to Jesus and beg for light at the end of this dark tunnel.
How many corners must we turn before we can see that light?
What will happen now? More attacks? War?

Our minds replay the moment over and over again.
It’s all we can see, all we can hear.
Our minds race, we cannot comprehend.
It all seems like a bad dream.

Panic, panic, panic, panic, panic!!!
All consuming fear, filling bodies and clouding minds.
Tears course down faces and people shake in each others arms.
For some, the nightmare will never end.

This “Attack On America”, is it the end of an era?
Ears are filled with the screams of the dying.
Overwhelming is the sight of the dead.
Relieving is the sight of the living.

Pray one and all, for our brothers and sisters.
Pray one and all, for our nations leaders
and the enemy across the sea.
Pray one and all, for the future.


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