Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{March 31, 2011}   Open Hearts

Strange stories
New beginnings
Boundaries stretching
Skills growing

So excited
Learning, improving
What happens?
Tell me more!

I want to see this through
I want to live the end
One step at a time
One open heart at a time

She lay beneath the sparkling waterfall
Cold, broken, her rags an insufficient shroud
Tears, taken by the spray
Cries, hidden by the roar

Shaking, cradling, drenched, stricken
Most beautiful of women, maker of life
Two not one, they have taken from him
Weep for his wife and unborn life

{March 29, 2011}   What A Day

New friends



{March 28, 2011}   Writer

A writer
I am
Am I?

See the world
Flowing words
Gently catch them
Take them, hold them

Letters woven
Spun with care
Beauty captured
Lovingly remembered

Picture worth
1000 words
But can your picture
Bleed thick emotion?

{March 27, 2011}   Glory Chore

Why is my mind so empty
Why do words squeeze out like bones
Why does it feel like a chore
That should feel like glory

{March 26, 2011}   Take A Walk Outside Today

Tired, but what fun!
Hiking, wilds, water
Plants, animals, people
Gorgeous oaks

{March 25, 2011}   Foreign Jealousy

Foreign jealousy
Unknown passion
Who are you, really?
Will I ever know your life?

Keep me strong
Give me wisdom
Guide my steps
Guide my tongue

{March 24, 2011}   What Not

New words
Old words
Frustrations general
Sweat and tears

Strangers, friends
Family, lovers
Children of ties
Stronger than blood

{March 23, 2011}   Craving

So much
Pressure, stress
Not enough
Time, solitude

{March 22, 2011}   Slumber


et cetera