Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{February 2, 2011}   Yumi Sakugawa

Adventure bound
Homeward ground
Empty and seeking
Full and wanting

Hope so little
Feed it patiently
Let it grow
Shelter it, cold

Keep looking
Keep opening
Little flower
Beautiful and true

Take heart
Take promise
So loved
So wanted


You keep looking, too. 🙂

awesomepie says:

Interesting. I read over this a couple times and I think the second stanza is the only one addressing the person taking care of the flower. Is this what you were going for? Then again, maybe the poem is for the flower and the caretaker both.

I guess I should have capitalized the “f” in flower? The first four lines is the first person observing the second, the rest of the lines are the first person talking to the second person. Like a nickname, the person being spoken too is addressed as “little flower.”

awesomepie says:

I think I understand now. The confusion wasn’t in capitalization (sorry if I freaked you out about that before) but rather the lines “Feed it patiently / Let it grow / Shelter it, cold”. I thought the flower was separate from the person and that stanzas 1, 3, and 4 were describing the flower and not the person at all, but now I understand they’re both one and the same.

The second stanza is my favorite, by the way, but maybe I focused on it too much.

~ Clint P.

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