Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{January 26, 2011}   Clint Pereira

Of death
Do you ask

Of life
Do you share

Of sacred things
Do you what
Gray minded


awesomepie says:

Hey Star!

I’ve been looking through your work a little and I noticed you always capitalize at the beginning of each line. Is that a stylistic choice?

Thanks for the def poem, good lady. I like to think myself a “gray minded interpreter” from time to time. Keep being awesome, Star! >:3

Hmm, I guess my capitalization is a stylistic choice. I thought that was proper, so I never gave it much thought beyond doing it. After writing the poem, I thought it sounded a little harsh, but that’s what came to mind after reading several pages of your work. I hope you have not been offended.

awesomepie says:

One of my professors at CSUN liked to say that if you aren’t offending someone, you’re doing something wrong.

But no, you didn’t offend me this time around. I read this and it strikes me as somebody who is very alien and looks at the world objectively, though I guess maybe a little sardonically. Like an alien looking over the world with both a removal from human emotions as well as a slight contempt for it. I guess. Well, whatever the intent, I thought it was cool.

As for the capitalization, I remember being taught all through secondary school that you were supposed capitalize the beginning of each line. I took an intro poetry class (hated it) where nobody mention it, either. Then, I ended up taking an advanced poetry class (loved it) where on day 1, people were baffled why I was capitalizing each line. I’d never thought about it, either. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t in the same place as me where you were just doing it out of habit. One thing I learned from that class is that every capitalization, line break, punctation, etc. should be intentional on behalf of the poet. While poems do need some structure behind them, it’s also your poem, so you can do whatever you want with it. Anyway, it wasn’t a judgment thing. I’m just throwing out information.


Thank you, for the information and the honesty. I’ve never had any training in poetry, so you’re 2 steps ahead of me. 🙂

awesomepie says:

Don’t worry about it. Poetry was never my thing, even though I find it interesting now. You have much more experience writing it than I do and that’s no small thing.

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