Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{January 13, 2011}   Beneath Oak Branches

Thickly carpeted
Leaves over dirt
Brand new world
Beneath oak branches

Limbs reaching up
The sun to touch
Reaching up to grasp
Beneath oak branches

Sharp bark beneath fingers
Toe hold on gnarled knot
Heave and pull
Beneath oak branches

Climbing, climbing
Every branch, every leaf
A castle, a friend
Beneath oak branches

Crossed, a hollow
Like beckoning arms
Swaying, waiting
Beneath oak branches

Step down, settle in
Swinging, dangling feet
Back curled, head resting
Beneath oak branches

Hair for a pillow
Rough bark against skin, clothes
Smell of green, oak, wood, life
Beneath oak branches

Here, let me stay and rest
Safety, peace, my hideaway
With an emerald dragon to watch and guard
Beneath oak branches


Great work. Transports me to my childhood and the woods my granddad lived on the edge of. And to other special places. A beautiful snapshot of the magic we can feel when we’re somewhere we know we belong.

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