Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{January 7, 2011}   A Poem, A Prayer

Take me back
Make me whole
Destroy me
That I might live

Worst of the worst
Most broken of souls
Every tear spent
Take me up again

Begging, pleading
No one deserves
Least of all me
A boon craved, mercy

Mercy for a grown child
Weak and tempted
Bitter and tormented
Weeping, weeping


scottf says:

there seems to be a lot going on here… pain, begging for release, really caught me up in it

Cheryl says:

I like this from the title to the actual lines of the poem. I think it is really powerful. “Every tear spent, take me up again” is my favorite line.

~ C

Jingle says:

sad imagery…
lovely put.
Thanks for sharing..


Sad but powerful. Deep feelings represented. Well written.

marousia says:

Wow – powerful writing

Evocative of pain and guilt and hope. The very human path we all tread.

booguloo says:

Divorce is a pain that lingers. Strength will return.

A soul seeking restoration…this poem/plea took me to a long forgotten memory. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Talon says:

What a raw piece of writing. And tragic, too. It makes me want to help this poor tortured soul…

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