Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{November 30, 2010}   Power Fun

Wind whipping
Engines roaring
Friends racing
Laughter ringing

Safety first
Reckless fun
Jealous snapping
Dirt bike and ATV riding!


{November 29, 2010}   Here Again

Absence long
Restful, but undesired
Returned home
Ready and full

So much done
So much seen
What to write first
How to capture truly

Family and new friends
Places and activities
Laughter and smiles
Discomfort and pain

I want deeply
To reach out
To comfort and help
But I’ll be a friend

Stand strong
Be true
Cling to Hope
Keep looking up

{November 23, 2010}   Looking Forward

On the road
Off to fun
Family too
So excited

{November 22, 2010}   Artist

Some paint the world
In colors bright or gray
Striking depth or flat rendition
Any surface as their canvas

Some paint the world
In words and lines
Emotions powerful, thoughts all seen
Bark, parchment, coal, ink

Some paint the world
With voice and song
Melodies high and low
Stories told with passion

Some paint the world
With clay, stone, wood
Deft fingers, clever eyes
Glorious monuments

Some paint the world
Share their thoughts, hopes, pains
Give joy, laughter, tears
All can paint the world

{November 21, 2010}   Only For You

How to live
How to be
Striving for You
Only for You

Teach me
Help me
Guide me
Only for You

How to handle
Only for You

How to love
Only for You

I want to serve
I want to obey
Make me Your handmaiden
Only for You

{November 20, 2010}   Sunset

Twilight pierces
Bright blue sky
Clouds lace
Fading rays dance

Some crawl to bed
Some slip to shadows
Air cools and whispers
Water rests lightly around

Color change brightly
Vivid artistry, striking colors
Soft wild calls
Listen, and peace

{November 19, 2010}   Brother Mine

Brother mine
Tall and handsome
Straight and true
Heart of a hero

Strong and fit
Respectful and kind
Wisdom and humor
Loyal to the core

What thoughts
Behind blue eyes
What tenderness
Behind such quips

Your road lies open
Your fields full and well
Hearken to the One above
Always move under His hand

{November 18, 2010}   Cleaning Change

Cleaning, cleaning
Dust, dust
Progress, regress

Some for better
Some for worse
Always changing
Always changing

{November 17, 2010}   Truth

Real, or not real?
Real, or not real!
Look around, stare around
Try to understand

Three edged sword
Discern, determine
Figure, falsify

{November 15, 2010}   Sleepy

So tired
Always tired
No comprehension

Not enough sleep
Never enough sleep
Always falling asleep

Warm bed
Thick covers
Restless slumber

et cetera