Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{October 2, 2010}   Never No

Never, no, sinful
Crack, smack, and bleed
Fire, ice, death

Push, pull, crave
Hate, sate, and spiral
Worn, shorn, torn

Burn, spurn, turn
Stop, drop, and repent
Weep, sleep, reap


Olivia says:

Superb poem.. perfect for the Potluck.. I appreciate for sharing this with us.. Loads of Wishes always.. xox

Michael says:

I love this…very well written…

Jingle says:

very well done.
love the playfulness.

marousia says:

Beautifully economy of words

This is so crisp and complete! Perfect, Dan.

Sorry, Star…you’re not Dan.

lol, no worries. 🙂

Talon says:

Such strong images created from a great choice of words…I especially liked the denial at the beginning and then the ugliness of what was really happening.

Kathe W. says:

good choice of words and great imagery.

Whoa yeah! Brevity.. impact. Great stuff. Like this one. I’ma tercet lover, so you got me there too 🙂


Luke @ WordSalad

(mine are here –

Bernadine says:

I really enjoyed the flow and your way with words. Powerful emotions and actions which could be felt in the music of your words. Great poem.

Brian says:

Words have such impact when hooked together.

great poem! – sounds a bit like the story of my childhood… 🙂

2zpoint says:

interesting style…what a profound imagery you made of these words!

Just love how you did this…poetic stirring words…thanks for linking oxox

A.B. Thomas says:

Creatively done, superb presentation – thanks!

This is very clever. Good job … thanks for a fine contribution to potluck.

I hope you are enjoying your visits and visitors.

Poem on …

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