Star Ka'at's Ramblings

{October 31, 2010}   Party

Ready or not
Who are you going to be?

Wanted or not
Will you choose to have fun?

Known and unknown
Keep and make new!


{October 29, 2010}   No End?

Relief and despair
One complication avoided
Another yet undiscovered

Why me?
Why so much frustration
Why so hard to reach equilibrium

Day after day
Question after question
No end in sight

{October 28, 2010}   Thoughts

Oh to wonder
And what to do
If the truth
Becomes true

Oh to fight
And what to flee
If the fear
Becomes real

{October 27, 2010}   Little One

So still
So small
Gentle motion
Gentle breathing

Tiny features
Delicate features
Intricate features
Perfect features

You bring me life
You break my heart
You give me laughter
You draw out my tears

Settle precious soul
Rest little one
Sleep deeply shining star
My joy and my delight

Pressures so great
Desires so strong
Resistance so demanding
Blockades so frequent

How to honor
But be true to thine self
How to conform
But not lose identity

How to save for tomorrow
Without losing all today
How to make it through now
Without compromising yesterday

{October 25, 2010}   Deep Inside

What to do
How safe to play
How wild to release

What would they say
How would they respond
Scorn or acceptance

Should I care
Why do I care
I am me, you are you

Don’t mock my rings
My blacks and my spikes
The person deep inside

I don’t mock your bleached
Your pinks and your golds
The person deep inside

{October 24, 2010}   So Much, If Only

So much to learn
If only we took the time
So much to do

So much to love
If only we knew how
So much to share

So much to give
If only we could see
So many to receive

{October 22, 2010}   Little Soul

Aftermath contusion
Little soul lost

So many tears
Jaded dry eyes
Little soul weep

Pining affection everlasting
Little soul hope

{October 21, 2010}   Maybe Overboard

Maybe I asked too much
But I don’t care
Maybe I expect too much
But I don’t care

Maybe I’ll wound
But it won’t hurt
Maybe I’ll die
But it won’t hurt

Maybe you’ll miss me
But you won’t care
Maybe you’ll regret
But you won’t care

{October 20, 2010}   Late

I hurt
I spite
I late
I hate

et cetera