Laurel Carson's Ramblings

{September 25, 2017}   To Be Accepted

A wraith, dressed as a prince
Dark ichor, passed as bright wine
Terror, masked in calm
Wounds held together with sardonic smiles

{March 28, 2017}   Jaded

Jaded and faded
Outdated and traded
Dreamless and hopeless

No goals, no drive
My purpose is for others
The self is empty

Fight to abstain
From love and life
In vain, in vain

Curiosity stunted, interest wanes
What do I want?
Days pass, unconcerned

{February 18, 2017}   Ancient Memory

Alas, and herald the dawn
Who can say what this morn brings
Steadfast and true
The pillars that surround

Alas, and herald the night
Gloam takes the light
Then dies in the darkness
Fear not for the pillars are light

“Alas!” cries evil, “I cannot stand!”
Armed are the pillars, skillful and sure
Love and life are in their arms
While enemy death drips from their swords

{April 7, 2016}   Yearning

Hopeful yearning
Broken, still reaching
Seeing unceasing
Empty drooling thoughts

Pushed and prompted
Doubt flaking
Desire gasping
Tight aching breath

Grow inside
Come back to me
Find the guarded path
Weeping wanting expression

{September 1, 2015}   Painted Open Trees

Painted faces
Hidden aces
Token braces
Broken traces

Open thoughts
Spoken blots
Craven pots
Over trots

Once upon a time
There were trees of lime
Carving seeds of tart
Along a path apart

{April 7, 2015}   Tea

Start the faltering,
wailing, whittle
Start the floundering
baleful beacon

Struggle through
the smokey gaze
Smuggle through
the slowing haze

fostering boon
festering zoom

Towering tremors touch titillate to torrid tips till terminus.

{July 25, 2014}   Burn Out

Fires burn in your violent eyes
Throw you down
And against the wall

Let go the brands and embers
Seek sanctuary
And recover

Sunlight warms, balanced breeze
Allow the tree’s embrace
The water’s song

{June 25, 2014}   Spaded Wink

Black of night
Turned to see
Day of spades

Muggy gloam
Turned to breathe
Dawn of wink

{June 20, 2014}   Solace Sanctuary

Feelings odd
Tilted and twirling
Solace sanctuary
Reaching openly

On the grinding road
Before the frowning goads
Show me another path
To fabled destination

Chiming, knocking, tolling
Faces coming and going
Masks presenting and changing
The painting can bleed and kill

{January 13, 2014}   Tear Drop Turn Away

This tunnel tubing
Is long and brooding
Distant light fading
Every heartbeat hating

et cetera